Teucer Wilson

Teucer works almost entirely to commission, producing a wide range of work including carving, signage, memorials, lettering and more sculptural outdoor pieces.

Teucer was born in Winchester, 1968. He trained as a stonemason and architectural carver in Dorset, before working for five years at the Richard Kindersley Studio in London. He moved to Norfolk to set up his own workshop in June 2000.
Teucer's initial training as a lettercutter was at Weymouth College where he studied for two years. A five-year apprenticeship at the Kindersley Studio followed this where he started to gain a real understanding of letterforms. Richard’s father David was trained by the typographer and sculptor Eric Gill.
He draws inspiration from this tradition, and also from studying the work of modern calligraphers, ancient inscriptions and natural forms. This training as a stonemason and architectural carver coupled with his letter carving apprenticeship have instilled in Teucer an interest in fine lettering and in working in a three dimensional way where possible.

2001 Received a CRAFTS COUNCIL Development Award. This is a fairly prestigious award, given to Craftspeople following a rigorous selection procedure and interviews. The award is designed to help promising new craft businesses develop and flourish. Recipients are put on The Crafts Council Selected Index of Makers.