River’s Edge took place at BallroomArts, Aldeburgh, Suffolk 7-19 June, 2022. It comprised new paintings by Kate Giles exploring the landscape of the river Nar and Bure valleys on the first floor, with new sculpture derived from forms found along the waterline by Jack Wheeler and Beth Groom and sculptures of birds fashioned from repurposed materials by the late Emily Mayer. At street level there was a group exhibition by artists and makers with a connection to the East Anglian coast in The Courtyard Gallery.

  • Jack Wheeler, Between Belief and Space, 2022
    Between Belief and Space, 2022
    Jack Wheeler
    Painted lime wood
    155 x 34 cm Ø
    Jack Wheeler, Between Belief and Space, 2022
    £ 7,150.00
  • Jack Wheeler, Litus, 2022
    Litus, 2022
    Jack Wheeler
    Lime wood and urushi lacquer
    23 x 60 x 68 cm
    Jack Wheeler, Litus, 2022
    £ 6,500.00
  • Jack Wheeler, Scoria, 2022
    Scoria, 2022
    Jack Wheeler
    Bleached lime wood
    85 x 110 x 75 cm
    Jack Wheeler, Scoria, 2022
    £ 8,000.00