Tabletop sculpture, like his Aves (Birds) Series are variants on a theme, each with its own characteristics.

His larger sculptures are wall mounted and based around the action of a pendulum. Their kinetic potential has been as fully realised as possible, weights and arm lengths carefully hammered out by hand to maximise the pleasing counter balances Ben has employed. These have been engineered to work in and out of doors, however the bearings do have a limited life span once wet and will need additional maintenance if they are exposed to weather.
Having graduated from Hereford College of Art several years ago with a BA degree, in artist blacksmithing, and where he explored making kinetic art. He enjoys the discipline of kinetic forged metal sculpture because of the endless varieties of shapes and forms it is possible to make and the rich potential of orchestrating movement. He uses these properties to inform the work’s interest in creating experiences of ‘calm’ and ‘relaxation’. The forged steel process adds to these conceptual qualities, detaching us from our ‘hyperculture’ (super modernity).


After an intorductory taster at a local forge, I was instantly captivated and became a volunteer once a week to gain more experience. It was whilst I was volunteering that I first heard about the degree in Artist Blacksmithing.
Whilst completing my degree, I really started to hone my abilities in the forge and to really understand the craft. It was also during this time, that I discovered kinetic art. I felt an intrinsic connection with kinetic art and found my self playing with the first test pieces I made constantly, captivated by their movement.
I found that the movement in these works had a very calming effect on those who interacted with them, and that people would almost subconsciously give the sculptures a little push whenever they walked past them in the studio.
I have always felt a much stronger connection to interactive art works, to me art needs to take up more than just your visual perception. What it feels like and to an extent, even what it sounds like are just as important in conveying the artist’s message and emotions as its visuals properties.
I like my works of art to encompass a sense of serenity and calm, when interacting with them most people will lose themselves in the motion, temporarily forgetting anything on their mind and simply enjoying the moment whilst it lasts.


2021 Contemporary and Country – Rock Paper Scissors, Houghton Hall

2021 Contemporary and Country – A Fine Balance, Houghton Hall

2019 Llantarnam Grange, postgraduate exhibition 

2019  New Designers

2019  Hereford College of Art Degree Show

2017  Ferrous Festival Exhibition