Autumn Collection: New collection for the autumn and winter

12 September - 31 December 2021

C&C's Autumn Collection is a selection of new or recent sculpture, painting, photography and works on paper with subjects that reference the winter months. Much of the work included depicts seasonal phenomena and makes use of reduced light levels accompanying autumn and winter. The collection will be available here on the C&C website into winter 2021.

There’s good reason to celebrate this time of year and the visual stimulus that come with it. The sunlight filters through cloud cover more obliquely, bringing a heightened sense of drama to the landscape. Mists and fogs restrict our vision making us question what we see, light is more diffused as days shorten, while foliage transforms into startling ochres, ambers, lemon yellows and rich reds, lending jewel colours to rural landscapes stripped of grass and grain, prepared for overwintering crops. Autumn is a genuine time for renewal.
During our summer exhibition Rock Paper Scissors, one of the standout photographic images was Gareth Hacon’s Calf in the Mist, of a single calf enveloped by a mist infused by light, so that the viewer can only just make out its outline. We have included several of Gareth’s smaller black and white photographs of ancient woodland and a forest clearing within the collection, that share a sense of stillness in an English landscape, articulating a profound peace.
We have a small selection of new paintings from Kate Giles, depicting orchard trees with bare branches dusted with snow above spring bulbs as they break ground, as well as robust East Anglian landscapes of wide-open Fenland beneath blustery blue skies. We have included a couple of spectral monoprints that take their compositional structure from visual foreshortening, inspired by nineteenth century Japanese woodblock prints (although these are created using an engraving plate), to depict the dark spidery outlines of low-slung winter branches dividing areas of wilted grass and scrub.
There are recent paintings of autumn planting by Jane Hindmarch painted as if low down looking up and through an autumnal border with dried foliage and shafts of light illuminating seed heads, in rusts, purples and browns in dynamic diagonal brushstrokes. Then we also have several of Ivy Smith’s delightful Linocut prints of coastal plants typical of the Norfolk and Suffolk shoreline. And a selection of meticulously structured still life paintings of seasonal fruit and dried poppy stems, set off by a graphic art postcard or a pattern, exquisitely painted on panels by Jocelyn Wickham, one of Norwich’s most respected painters.
Do take a look. It is a more modest collection than our Spring Salon released earlier this year. The Autumn Collection has been selected to showcase smaller scale works that suit a broad set of collecting requirements, and most budgets. The earlier Spring Salon sold quickly. But don’t despair if you miss something, there will be updates and replacements for some pieces as they sell. So do revisit the site if you find something has gone. Please get in touch if you have any questions. We try to respond quickly to queries.