Brüer Tidman

The lyrical loose quality of the figures in Brüer’s paintings has only been made possible by his technical skill as a draughtsman, learnt early on in his artistic life.

His confidence and control in the application of oil paint, acrylics, watercolour, wax and pigment and pastels shows he has developed complete mastery over his preferred media. Some of his canvases blaze with colour, others are dark, dramatic and described in bruised colours and infused, saturations of liquid paint. His depictions of the circus performers when he was artist in residence at Yarmouth's Hippodrome have been referenced by art educators as examples of how to depict the drama of the performing arts. These extraordinary canvases are room-sized and make use of his technique for describing larger than life figurative themes in loose, liquid veils of paint supported by a strong compositional architecture.
From 1984 to the present day he has exhibited widely, in the UK and internationally. He was Artist in Residence for the Hippodrome Circus, Great Yarmouth. He has paintings in various public and private collections, including the Imperial College, London, Royal College of Art, University of Essex, Arthur Anderson Financial Consultants and Norwich Castle Museum.