Brüer Tidman

Brüer Tidman is probably one of the most identifiable painters to come from East Anglia. He has enjoyed a long career painting striking abstract work based around the human form, using a distinctive colour palette that pops with moments of intense colour.

Brüer Tidman, graduated from Great Yarmouth College of Art in 1961 and the Royal College of Art (RCA), London 1964. He worked as a Lecturer of Fine Art Painting at Lowestoft School of Art for many years and is now a full-time painter and long standing Associate of the Royal Academy of Art (RA).
Brüer’s grounding in art stemmed from his family background, raised by his mother whose lineage was Swedish he grew up drawing to entertain himself while attending school, recording his mother's life while she worked in the then busy fishing port of Yarmouth. These early drawings are affectionate and very moving, rendered with tenderness and an exceptional level of skill. It was here that his lifelong interest in the human figure became established, portraying local characters going about their daily activities.