Amanda Edgcombe

Amanda revealed unexpected expressive possibilities and the effects of transparency and opacity in an architectural medium; large-scale hand finished architectural glass.

Amanda’s work replicates an experience of place. Her work is expressive and considered often traversing process’s of reduced, rotated and expanded views.
As a visiting printmaker at Ipswich Art School Amanda has returned to print on several occasions, printing her large aerial etchings in a series and then again recently - prior to lockdown - she was artist in residence at The Printroom, Suffolk.
Her engrained fascination with pattern, it’s cultural impact as remnant historical marks, designed spaces or a reflection of changing environments, urban and rural aerial views, are combined and repeatedly introduced to her work.


1995 - Central Saint Martins London - Fellowship
1995 - Central Saint Martins London - PT Postgraduate Glass
1993 - Slade UCL London - Postgraduate Printmaking
1990 - Nottingham Polytechnic - BA Fine Art
1989 - Kingston Polytechnic - Foundation

2021 - Contemporary and Country "Rock Paper Scissors" Houghton Hall Stables Norfolk

2020/21 - Tarquin Bilgen Fine Art Ebury Street Pimlico London
2020/21 - Fairhurst Gallery "In League With The Moon" Norwich
2020 - Contemporary and Country "Fine Balance" Houghton Hall Stables Norfolk
2020 - Flowers Gallery "Small is Beautiful" Cork Street London
2019 - Norfolk by Design "Artfair East" Norwich
2019 - "Solo show" Darsham Nurseries Suffolk
2018 - Flowers Gallery "Small is Beautiful" Cork Street London
2018-19 - Rowe & Williams Gallery/BBC Shepherds Bush London
2017 - Flowers Gallery "Small is Beautiful" Cork Street London
2017 - Rowe & Williams Gallery group show Suffolk
2017 - Mandells Gallery group show Norwich
2017 - Outpost group show Norwich
2016 - Printroom "Flipside auction" Suffolk
2016 - Old Forge "Solo show" Suffolk
2014/15 - Arthaus group show Suffolk


Cochrane Theatre Gallery solo show London
Hartlepool Art Gallery and Bath Gallery "Into The Blue" with JPA glass studios
Soho 601 "Metaphors" Wardour Street London
Soho House "Everyday Less Ordinary" Wardour Street London
Derix Glass Studios "group show" Germany
Business Art Galleries/Curwen "group shows" London
"Amadora Print Festival" Portugal
Courtauld Gallery Somerset House "group show" London
Bonhams Gallery "New Contemporaries" London

Monica Petzal - Artist, co-founder The Foundation for Women, Lecturer, Critic - Suffolk UK
BBC Shepherds Bush - London UK
Thorpe Hall - Norfolk UK
Roland Mouret - UK
Hanselman/Davies - NYC
Arenson President HQ - UK
Homerton Hospital - London UK
Royal London Hospital - London UK
Bill Emmott - London UK
For JPA Studios :
101 Hyde Park Hotel London UK
Haagendaaz Leicester Square London UK
Liberty Re Bank London UK
West Merchant Bank London UK
Gloucester Hotel London UK
Benazir Bhutto (Former Prime Minister of Pakistan)