Amanda Edgcombe

Amanda's creative work has encompassed several different media carried out to a consistently high level of expertise, including printmaking, painting and architectural glass design.

Amanda grew up in London, completing her BA in fine art at Trent Poly, specialised in print making for Postgrad at the Slade School of Art, London (UCL). She went on to study architectural glass at Central Saint Martin's London (University of the Arts London), for which she was awarded a Fellowship in Architectural Glass. Her varied career working for architects and as an independent designer and artist reflect her visceral experience of city life, with its creative diversity, culture and identity.
Since moving to Suffolk her increasing familiarity with the rural landscape has changed her ideas of scale, colour, comparative viewpoint toward a new body of work.
Amanda's first ideas for print found their way into a series of large-scale highly coloured geometric etchings. These were based upon the idea of the city block viewed from above, with recognisable components taken from maps and textured, woven textiles.
Described as mineral by artist/designer Sue Skeen, Amanda's paintings develop by gradual layering of gesso, pigments and mixed media creating new relationships within her work, images have become reactions to types of environment. As multifaceted and changing patterns, Amanda uses aerial views, incidental marks and layers of architectural and landscape alterations to develop a physical surface narrative. Paintings and prints have become more thorough, experimental responses.