Kate Giles

Intensive drawing from life is the groundwork underpinning all of Kate Giles practice.

Back in the studio, painting is to digest, remake, discover and unearth; Kate Giles often works in series and in one place over a sustained period. The subject becomes not so much the object as what resonates in memory, presence and the feeling at the time.
Her work is driven by pitting the landscapes of interiority and mood against the evidence of the senses: how to meet the challenge of light,colour and atmosphere particular to the specifics of place. For many years her focus and reputation have been based on the East Anglian landscape in which she has lived and worked. Having grown up in Norwich,she returned to Norfolk permanently five years ago.
Kate cites Francis Bacon as an influence, who wondered how possible it was in a painting to ”catch the mystery of appearance within the mystery of making”.