Ferenc Cseh

Ferenc’s Transparence Series of paintings are intended to be seen as individual works or as a series of three (triptych), that reference each other.

The Transparence Series of paintings experiment with complex shapes and their interaction defined by the manipulation of artificial depth. They exist in the interplay between the 2 dimensions of the painted surface and 3 dimesional representation.
The transparent layers, though perfectly judged, provide both lightness and depth to the emerging objects and give the illusion of a delicate folding or unfolding sense of movement. Mimicking the visual language of computer graphics the paintings evoke a sense of balance between positive and negative forms, the playfulness of the delicate imagined structures and the relative tranquillity of the ambiguous objects depicted.



2019 - 2021   University of Kingston, UK

2009 - 2011   University of West Hungary



2020 – A Fine Balance, Contemporary and Country at Houghton Hall, Norfolk, UK
2019 – Art Fair East at St Andrews Hall, Norwich, UK
2019 – Secret Art Fair at Minories Gallery, Colchester, UK
2018 – Elizabeth James Gallery, London, UK