Verity Newman

Through her creative practice, Verity Newman expresses the ever-changing evolution, movement and energy of our surrounding environment - and the sense of us within our personal habitats.

Verity is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Norwich. Her paintings and sculptures reflect three broad themes: the function or non-function of objects (and our attachments to them), fading memories of journeys through spaces and places, and the transience of our personal habitats and environments. The rituals and imagined - or reconstructed - histories we create around these fascinate Verity, as well as an increasing need to pin down what 'home' might be.
Her first degree was in Three-dimensional Design, where she specialised in Glass, and her MA looked at the Arts in a Social Context, which explored the role of art in the public realm.
As well as teaching Art, Design & Crafts part-time to older children and teenagers Verity has work in collections in Suffolk and Dublin, Ireland. She has shown her work throughout east England, as well as London and internationally, several times recently in China and Greece.