Joceline Wickham

Joceline studied Fine Art Painting at the Royal Academy Schools in the 1970s. She has painted and exhibited consistently ever since. In the 1990s she retrained as an Art Therapist. She paints Still Life and lives and works in Norwich.

She works in oil on wooden panel, a traditional technique that works well in terms of providing an extremely stable surface and is appropriate in her Dutch inspired Still Life work. Her paintings follow a preoccupation with looking closely at the ordinary. Sometimes the objects she selects may have a particular significance to her or it may simply be their aesthetic appeal or a shape that attracts her.
Her subjects are jewel-like with a richness in her colour palette, there is often a depiction of a postcard or a print of another artist's work that acts as a reference to her own approach. The selection of the objects in her paintings are carefully judged and often include art historical symbols like cherries, figs and pomegranates used by masters of the genre. She brings a cleaner, more contemporary context to them.