Gareth Hacon

...a series of moments that began at the dawn of time and will cease to exist at its end, an almost infinite number of possibilities at any given time with one that is captured at that precise moment. – Gareth Hacon

Living within reach of the east coast, Gareth has access to infinite horizons, he can wander open spaces, explore dense woodland and watch the sun rise and fall. Baked by the sun, he can wade through salt waters, drive through thick fog and just about any other seasonal and elemental changes he comes across. He becomes attuned to the landscape. This environment is his source material by which he captures what he is interested in on a timeline. It is Gareth's visual understanding, moulded in his mindset, nurtured through the creative process that brings the past to life in his photographs.
Having studied the arts and graphic design Gareth Hacon has honed a skill set for visual composition from a 3D space to a 2D print. Photography was part of this course. Early years taught Gareth the basics in terms of photographic processes, development stages and completion of a finished, developed product. Lately he has spent his time searching for more of a connection with land, light and elemental changes. Fine tuning his ability to observe change in his environment. He feels his efforts pay off when all three of these come together, knowing something is about to be born as a lasting image, a photographic record.
The whole process from start to finish is overseen by Gareth. After exposure the next stage is to complete an image for print requiring the finesse of a darkroom technician to shape the final piece. The object of the photograph is an important part of the outcome to him. Taking the photographic image to print requires working with professional labs using traditional papers for reproduction and archival longevity and a framer's eye to display the finished piece.