Gareth Hacon

Gareth's photographic process is concerned with conveying a thought or emotion, led by the expanse of open space.

Gareth Hacon is a photographer based in Norwich. He originally studied graphic design and moved on to photography later on, starting with an interest in the contrast demands between photographing open and confined spaces. His photographic work is concerned with the passage of time and led by the possibilities of open space representing a thought or state of mind.
Using long time frames and his own personal resources like endless patience, these mesmeric images take shape through his use of the photographic process, harmonising composition, light and land to create a final photograph conveying thought and evoking a sense of awe in nature.
Gareth's progress through the landscape exploring the natural structures around him, is part of his process. He enjoys delving deeper, harnessing this correlation between what he sees through the lens and what he is feeling in that moment. Looking through the lens he waits for changes in elements and light to define the right moment of exposure.