Liz Taunt's father was a mathematician who grappled with abstract mathematical concepts and her mother was an artist. She thinks she has inherited something of both parents' way of thinking.

Liz Taunt grew up in Cambridge and went to art school in Cambridge, Devon and London. She has worked as an arts administrator and an art therapist, amongst other things. Liz trained as an art therapist at Goldsmiths, London University in the early 90s and has been exhibiting regularly since the 80s. She has taken part in open studios in London and Suffolk. Liz moved from Shepherds Bush, west London to Bungay on the Norfolk Suffolk border in 2012.
Before returning to printmaking in Bungay, she made papier mâché vessels in London and experimented with dyeing and pattern making on textiles.  She has transferred this experimental approach to her production process. Liz uses many different printmaking techniques including dry point, lino, collagraph and monoprint, and has recently been making collages from discarded prints.