Paul Wolterink

Beautifully realised screen prints span all points between poster and print.

Their message is clear. Information is key, its transmission is accessible. And, like music can do, people may rapidly identify with the direct visual language of the prints. In Holland Paul studied at a crafts school that still taught the traditional techniques of sign writing and advertising painting by hand. His reputation after art school (graphic design) varied from working as a solo designer, to small partnerships, as well as working in smaller and bigger design studios. creating a steady output of commercial design work, mainly in the cultural sector, and as a lecturer graphic communications and type in The Netherlands and at NUA Norwich.
To get closer to the source of his crafts, and because of his love for tangible graphic design and type, Paul focused on the immediacy of hand screen printing. Two sides of the process intrigue Paul. On the one hand, the clear graphic perfection of the images that can be achieved. And on the other hand, the imperfections of printing by hand and not by a machine, Although hardly noticeable, every print is different from each other.