Elizabeth Merriman

After 15 years of living in London, she moved in 2000 to North Norfolk. This new more isolated context freed her to develop a very independent path.

Elizabeth Merriman's studio permeates every room of her house. Works are arranged on walls with a variety if objects, many of which have appeared in her paintings. Each room leads one to the other, immersing you in a succession of intense colour. The garden - one of her main inspirations - encompasses and encloses on three sides of her home/studio.

Her still lives are beautiful but not simply attractive. There are unexpected and fearless colour combinations as well as last minute experimental flourishes. The biggest experiments are taken in the application of the background colours, often applied and reapplied late in the day. This undermines the stillness at the heart of the work allowing the gesture to meet the energy of the colour juxtapositions and gives the work a surprising sharpness.