Sculptural forms in stone, metal, wood, ceramics, paper and shell are encompassed by the sculpture C&C displays, as well as more decorative, handcrafted objects created by a selection of leading practitioners based in the east of England.
All works marked as 'Reserved' are on view and can be bought from our current pop-up exhibition: ROCK PAPER SCISSORS at Houghton Hall Stables, North Norfolk.

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  • Ben Pusey, Sail, 2021
    Sail, 2021
    Ben Pusey
    Sail is made from forged steal with a live wood base and a plasma cut sail that has been hand-gilded with imitation gold leaf.
    Each sculpture averages 27cm h x 25cm w x 25cm d
    Ben Pusey, Sail, 2021
    £ 250.00
  • Ben Pusey, Zen, 2021
    Zen, 2021
    Ben Pusey
    zen is made from forged steal, hammered copper and live edged wood
    Each sculpture averages 30cm h x 16cm w x 16cm d
    Ben Pusey, Zen, 2021
    £ 300.00
  • Ben Pusey, Aves, 2020
    Aves, 2020
    Ben Pusey
    Aves is made out of forged steal and live edged wood with ether a clear lacquer or traditional beeswax finish.
    Each sculpture averages
    34cm h x 20cm w x 20cm d
    Ben Pusey, Aves, 2020
    £ 200.00
  • Kinetica by Ben Pusey
    Kinetica, 2020
    Ben Pusey
    Forged steel
    This is a wall mounted sculpture requiring 190cm clearance to operate. Though it only weighs 5.2kg with a substantial mounting bracket so it does not require a particularly sturdy wall. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor instillation. However outdoor instillation will require more regular maintenance.
    Ben Pusey, Kinetica, 2020
    £ 2,500.00
  • Kinetica 1 by Ben Pusey
    Kinetica 1, 2020
    Ben Pusey
    Forged steel
    Ø 80cm clearance
    Ben Pusey, Kinetica 1, 2020
    £ 1,000.00