Bridget Heriz

Bridget Heriz has produced her beautifully modelled figurative sculpture from her studio in Great Yarmouth for the last two decades.

In recent years Bridget Heriz has reviewed the influences and techniques of her formative years to create work that defines volume and structure with the immediacy of drawing. Bridget has fashioned her lyrical constructions using wire and card and balsa wood. These seemingly simple materials are used to circumscribe a complex set of spatial relationships that outline negative space as well as describing aspects of the human form.
She has also worked historically in more traditional materials like terracotta and cast bronze. To add another layer of complexity to her production process, she selects some of her balsa wood figures for casting in bronze, exchanging the light of touch fragility of balsa for a more permanent form of fabrication. It is perhaps her confidence in using so many different materials to produce her work that sets it free of them. In a final switch, to keep us on our toes, Bridget frequently disguises the pale tones of a Balsa wood surface with metallic paint, adding a convincing patina to figures as their delicately crafted plains glint in the light.
More recently I have completed a public commission in an intimate size using modelling clay and then scaled-up and produced full-scale using 3D printing. Although the maquettes were modelled in clay, the template figure was modelled in plaster on a wire frame.