Mark Croxford

Mark's wall-based constructions hint at the visual language of the inner city without recalling a specific place or time, they evoke a previous era.

Mark's vibrant wall pieces and sculptures reference the vitality of the urban built environment, they look like painted versions of illuminated street signs. They are devoid of information, identified only in the soft shapes and the colours he references, yet the hand painted finishes crackle with energy. Concentric rings of high colour are substituted in for the cheery gaudiness of neon.
Landscape is implied by the formatting of his freestanding sculpture. Like his smaller wall pieces these take on a totemic presence and cannot be tied down to straight forward representation. They reference something quite serious and art historical, being bathers or nudes, while arriving somewhere else in Mark's tongue-in-cheek visual shorthand. His painted vertical sculptures are like loosely grouped figures caught fleetingly, attracting your eye, painted roughly in fluorescent colours so they shimmer like sun bathers returning from a day at the beach.