Steven James Will

Located on the Suffolk Coast, Steven Will makes pots rooted in the local landscape.

All of Steven’s work starts with walking - integrating landscape and a sense of place. Out on the marshes, heaths and in the woods, he collects interesting finds and records the landscape through photography, print making and drawing. Developing a colour palette and sourcing natural materials (mud, rocks, clays, plant materials and wood ash) to decorate thrown and cast porcelain. Native plants are encased in glass or clay and some finds are presented in specially made porcelain containers.
Domestic ware is treated similarly, fusing our surroundings into our daily rituals. Found muds and clays are dug, washed, sieved, dried and ground to a powder. When combined with wood ash from bonfires and wood burners and transformed by the heat of the kiln, delicate and site-specific glazes are formed, each telling a tale.
Steven originally trained as a botanist and worked in town planning and nature conservation before setting up a vegetable box scheme. He discovered ceramics during cold wet winters as something to do when it was too grim to garden. Initially contact with clay was through evening classes where he was hooked at first touch. This led onto an Art Foundation Course in Brighton and then the Ceramics Diploma at London City Lit. He currently works from his studio near Orford on the Suffolk Coast.


Spring Festival & Plomesgate Fair, White House Farm, Suffolk, group exhibition Steven takes part in biannual open studios, regular fairs and events and has stockists in London and Suffolk.


Sentinel Gallery, Wivenhoe. group exhibition


Contemporary and Country at Houghton Hall, group show,  pop-up alongside an exhibition by Damien Hirst


Part of collective of 12 artists running and exhibiting in the gallery ‘Klay’ in Camden, London


Candid Arts Gallery, group exhibition, Islington, London

6 X 4 group exhibition, Front Room Gallery, Bridport, Dorset