Laura Huston

Laura is great influenced by and admires the work of John Ward, Lucie Rie, Ian Godfrey, and Korean Buncheong ware for their timeless beauty, the ancient quality of their work and the way the decoration is integral to the pots.

All of Laura Huston's pieces are completely unique and have a lovely subtleness to them. She decided on a career change nearly 10 years ago when working in the art departments lost its attraction though her central role of making led her to take a series of pottery courses in London, studying at Morley, Kensington & Chelsea and City Lit.
She and her partner started a family and moved to her home county of Norfolk, built a studio in a converted barn near where she lives in North Norfolk. Laura and her family have thrived in their home surrounded by trees and a meadow with no neighbours for miles!

She uses sketchbooks to record what sh sees, drawing from life, sometimes using collage to play with texture, pattern and colour. Visiting museums has always been a source of inspiration, especially the collections of antiquities and ceramics at the British Museum and V&A.