Claire Cansick

Claire Cansick is a landscape painter who likes to paint all of nature, relating what she sees externally to how she feels internally utilising the transposition of colour as a tool of expression.

Claire's paintings embrace a mysteriousness while depicting poignant memories of places near and far and the rural landscape on her doorstep. Claire is self taught as a painter developing her style through her own experimentation after gaining her BA in printmaking.
She uses a limited palette of only three or four colours, always mixing them into seemingly endless combinations and work on inverting colours yet striving to retain equilibrium throughout the painting.  Claire uses her own photos and drawings as source material and there comes a point when the painting takes over and she goes with what’s happening on the surface. 

Born in Gt. Yarmouth she now lives and works in Wroxham and is a member of The Arborealists, exhibiting with the group all over the UK and Europe, as well as numerous group exhibitions and a solo show at Chappel Galleries in Essex 2020.