Katarzyna Coleman

'In the most beautifully melancholic way, Katarzyna Coleman approaches the depiction of the industrial buildings and roads of Great Yarmouth with great softness and subtlety. Coleman has chosen to depict the urban environment as a way of exploring its effects on the emotions and behaviour of individuals.'

Sarah Bartholomew - REALITY Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, 2014

Katazyna Coleman's work explores the impact of monumental structures of the 'unplanned' manmade landscape of former smoke houses and examples of hangar architecture that surround her studio in South Denes, in the harbour area of Great Yarmouth.
Katarzyna is originally from London and has lived and worked for many years in Great Yarmouth. While in London she studied at Hornsey College of Art 1979-1982, followed by Manchester College of Art (Manchester University) 1982-1983, gaining an MA in Fine Art.