Colin Self

Colin Self is one of the leading protagonists of the British Pop Art movement that he helped start in the early 1960s. His clever, irreverent drawings have been sort after ever since.

Artist Colin Self began his training in the visual arts while a boy at school at Wymondham College, Norfolk. He grew up in rural Norfolk near Norwich. He honed his creative skills by attending Norwich Art School (Norwich University of The Arts, NUA) and the Slade School of Art in London (UCL). He achieved success early coinciding with graduation, becoming one of British Pop Art’s finest exponents.
He has remained true to his Pop roots and sees potential in the everyday objects that surround us. His work is fresh, immediate and frequently delivered with a punchline.
Colin’s take on popular culture was different from that of his contemporaries. Colin developed a more political approach to his art that has set it apart. The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) was in its infancy in the early 60s, the threat of impending nuclear war ensured Colin identified with the movement’s anti-nuclear stance. Colin’s drawings and anti-war collages from this period share German anti-Nazi propaganda artist, John Heartfield’s attacking approach.