Andrew Jones

Jones lives and works in Ely, Cambridgeshire and studied at Newcastle in the early 1970s and began a project on the wind that led to a 30-year career in power kite design.

Artist Statment
``I studied art and design at Newcastle in the 1970's and subsequently patented a new power kite design (The Original Flexifoil power kite). This project become my working life for over 30 years, but for some time now I have returned to exploring the wind for its own sake rather than for power and propulsion. I am sure over the years I have soaked up many artistic influences without examining the sources too closely, but those who know the work of George Rickey will see the connection there.
Some of my work is decorative or figurative, but the pieces with more linear elements are concerned with shifting geometries, with possibility and probability, with chaos, ambiguity, order and recognition. In light winds, the movement can be quite gentle and the juxtapositions slow to change. In stronger wind, some pieces get frantic and confusing".