Andrew Jones

Kinetic and conventional sculpture created in stone, metal, wood, ceramics, glass, paper and seashell are encompassed by C&C's external and internal displays, made by leading sculptors and makers based in the east of England.

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  • Andrew Jones, ArcLineDot, 2022
    ArcLineDot, 2022
    Andrew Jones
    Painted aluminium. Stainless steel bearings on vertical axis. Occasionally they will interact by means of the neodymium magnets mounted in the Dot and Arc.
    Height 2 metres on upright rod.
    The Line will indicate local wind direction while the Arc moves more randomly.
    Andrew Jones, ArcLineDot, 2022
    £ 450.00
  • Andrew Jones, Cube in a Frame, 2022
    Cube in a Frame, 2022
    Andrew Jones
    White painted glass/resin Cube in aluminium frame
    Frame is 60cm x 60cm. Black pole mount. Height 2 metres.
    Andrew Jones, Cube in a Frame, 2022
    £ 700.00
  • Andrew Jones, Tangents, 2022
    Tangents, 2022
    Andrew Jones
    Two white painted aluminium tangents around self-coloured alloy disc. The independent tangents are on stainless steel bearings and counterbalanced to move easily in a light wind. They may come to rest in any tangential attitude.
    Tangent length 130 cm.
    Andrew Jones, Tangents, 2022
    £ 770.00