Stewart Hearn

Commitment to the craft has made Stewart Hearn a highly respected and award-winning artist, craftsman, and designer, specialising in bespoke handblown glass.

While striving for a creative practice frequently defined by skill and understanding of his material, Stewart has forged ahead in recent years, embarking upon fresh work in the workshop he has designed himself.
Stewart Hearn says that since moving from London to rural Cambridgeshire, he has he has given himself much more creative freedom. He feels less inhibited with his design concepts, not so inclined to try to control its fluid language, giving the glass more liberty.
His inspiration comes from the constantly changing hues in the Fenland landscape through the seasons. He sees colour with a painter's eye. This attention to colour, forms an integral part of his work. He demonstrates powerful and nuanced insights in his colour decisions, combined with seemingly understated forms requiring great craftsmanship and risk taking to pull them off successfully.
Stewart's preoccupation with the essential properties of glass, using weight, clarity, surface manipulation and the heat from the furnace, to combine and encourage optical and physical distortion in his forms, exemplify his years of glassmaking. Ultimately, it is important to him that he celebrates the value of traditional glassmaking skills and creates quality glass, knowledge that he readily passes on to his assistants.



Born:  South Shields, Tyne & Wear, England
1983/86: Sunderland Polytechnic, B.A.(Hons) 3D Design in Glass & Ceramics.
Occasional Glassmakers assistant to Charlie Meaker, Jim Griffiths, and Rachael  Woodman & Neil Wilkin
1986/88: Assistant to David Kaplan & Annica Sandstrom, Lindean Mill Glass, Scotland
1988/91: Glassmaker and workshop manager at Glassworks (London) Ltd, with Simon Moore, Catherine Hough & Steven Newell
1992/94: Freelance Glassmaker
1992: Glassmaker (Summer) – Baltic Sea Glass, Bornholm, Denmark for Pete Hunner &  Maibritt Jonsson
1992/95: Part–time Lecturer (Hot Glass)–Buckingham College of Higher Education
1994/02: Set up ‘First Glass Partnership’ with Bob Crooks, Clapham, London
1999:  Accepted for Crafts Council Index of Selected Makers
2000:  Designer for Dansk International, USA
2002/06: Set up ‘London Glassworks’, partnership with Paul Devlin, Walthamstow, London
2006/12: Continues ‘London Glassworks’ as Sole Trader, Walthamstow, London
2012/ Present: Builds bespoke studio, ‘Stewart Hearn – London Glassworks’, Chatteris, Cambridgeshire


2018:  Winner Gold Medal of 3rd (Hejian) Craft Glass Creation & Design International Competition and Exhibition, China
2016:  Winner of National Trust Open Callout, with Crafts Council
2011:  Winner of the Balvenie Master of Craft Award, (ceramics & glass category)

2020: Pangolin Gallery, London - ‘Christmas Collection’, online mixed media group exhibition
2019: Gallery Ten, Edinburgh - ‘New Works in Glass’, solo exhibition
2018: Shang de Glass Museum, China - ‘3rd (Hejian) Craft Glass Creation & Design 
International Competition and Exhibition’, selected group show
2017: Pyramid Gallery, York - ‘Water & Music’, selected group exhibition
2016: London Design Festival - ‘Chosen by the National Trust’, selected mixed media exhibition
2015: Primavera, Cambridge - ‘Solo Exhibition’
2014: National Glass Centre, Sunderland - ‘Showcase Exhibition’, Rachel Elliott & Stewart Hearn

2013: Cupola Contemporary Art, Sheffield - ‘Glass’, selected group exhibition
2012: Contemporary Applied Arts, London - ‘Domestic Matters’, selected group exhibition
2011: Conran Shop, London, - ‘Handcrafted in Britain’, solo exhibition