Linda Jamieson

Landscape has been the focus of her practice for many years. The painting process mimics the action of tidal forces on the fragile coast where Linda lives and works.

"Although my paintings are described as landscapes that is not the subject of the work. The subject is myself and my investigation into my experience of the world and what that world is.
I use landscape as a stage set with its props of plant life, water, weather and topical features as a portal into a space where I can explore technical problems within the limits of two dimensional space. There is no fixed point of departure and I remain open to sudden changes of direction.
I aim to create emotionally charged places that have fragments of memory embedded in them. These ‘memories’ may not be personal but borrowed. I like torn postcards, film stills, scraps of fabric, partially recalled dreams.
The place I arrive at has no past or future, just one moment in time when I recognise a part of myself."



1957 Born in Norfolk
Educated in UK, France and Switzerland
1974-1978 Attended Central Saint Martins
1978-2000 Textile designer



Rock Paper Scissors - by Contemporary and Country, Houghton Hall, Norfolk running alongside sculptural exhibition by Tony Cragg (group exhibition)

Forces of Nature, Glyndebourne (group exhibition)

The Colombia, London (Solo exhibition)
2018 Ordinary Worlds, Creake Abbey, Norfolk. by Norfolk by Design (now Contemporary and Country)

2017-2020 various exhibitions by Contemporary and Country, Houghton Hall, Norfolk running alongside sculptural exhibitions by Richard Long, Damien Hirst and Henry Moore respectively
2016 Cley Festival (group exhibition)

2015 Birdie Fortescue, Norfolk (solo exhibition)

2013 Studio 657, London (solo exhibition)
2011 Langton street gallery London (solo exhibition)