Jane Hindmarch

Jane Hindmarch is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Stamford Lincolnshire UK. She studied at Edinburgh College of Art and specialises in painting, drawing and metal sculpture inspired by the natural world. Jane Hindmarch's work explores mood and emotion evoked and informed by observations of natural phenomena.

Through direct observational drawing Jane takes time to engage with nature, noticing the transient changes taking place during the seasons as the climate alters throughout the year. She is interested not only in how we connect with nature but also how we see ourselves reflected in it.

In the natural world Jane finds a haven to reflect on existence, soaking up the weather, light, colours and sounds. She sees  lifecycles taking place throughout the year in times of new growth, blossom, and decay. There are times of dynamic energy and times of quiet dormancy, inevitable decay and vibrant celebrations. The paintings and sculptures she makes express my own inner landscape as much as that which she experiences around her.

Jane is deeply concerned by the current and impending climate crisis and awareness of this situation is inherent in all her work. Her work process begins by making drawings and paintings outdoors and in wild environments. These pieces aim to realise personal perceptions as well as recording accurate information; expressed through colour, tone, texture, pattern and form.

In later stages of the creative process Jane develops these elements into paintings in oil or acrylic on board or canvas and into metal sculpture.