Kathryn Hearn

Kathryn Hearn is a ceramic maker and designer who has developed her distinctive porcelain vessels by exploiting the intrinsic qualities of her materials, inspired by the Fenland landscape that surrounds her workshop in Cambridgeshire.

Kathryn attained a degree in Ceramics at Loughborough College of Art and Design (Loughborough University) and has spent many years teaching her discipline at Sunderland University and Central Saint Martin's London (University of the Arts London).
Employing a formidable variety of techniques developed over many years, Kathryn works mainly in porcelain exploring the nature of the contemporary in relation to the natural and manmade. Filtered through her experience of the highly mechanised agricultural landscape of the Fens, she produces classically shaped jars, dishes, vases and wall pieces that encompass several intricate stages in their production process.