A glimpse of what lies beneath

The paintings of Linda Jamieson
4 April, 2019
Linda Jamieson
Linda Jamieson
Land that has been reclaimed from the sea or lies partially submerged forms the basis of inquiry that informs Jamieson’s work.

She does not paint directly from life but uses her almost daily observations of the marsh and fen to infuse the ‘interior’ Landscape with ambiguity. What is solid and what is fluid? Where can we find firm ground to anchor our identities? Water on land reflects us back to ourselves but we also glimpse what lies below. The constant depredations that tidal forces exert on this coastline echo our present uncertainties and this is reflected in Jamieson’s changing pallet and use of different techniques and materials to examine internal conflicts and divided loyalties.



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Paul Vater, Director of Contemporary and Country

Paul Vater

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