Emily Mayer

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  • River's Edge: Bird Sculptures

    A tribute to the life and work of Emily Mayer (November 1960 – April 2022)
    Paul Barratt, Director and Curator at Contemporary and Country by Paul Barratt
    Eel Catcher (2004/7) 50.5 x 47 x 40 cm Steel, plastic, copper.
    Eel Catcher (2004/7) 50.5 x 47 x 40 cm Steel, plastic, copper.
    We had hoped to be presenting the sculptor and taxidermist Emily Mayer's beautifull bird sculptures in Suffolk, while she was in recovery from cancer. Sadly as the deadline for the exhibition approached we received the news that Emily's cancer had returned and just a few weeks later that she had died on 1st April 2022.
    We would like to thank the artist, John Locker, her husband for following through on Emily's initial commitment to the exhibition and for allowing us access to her archive, to display a small selection of bird sculptures.