Still Life

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  • Studio visit: Elizabeth Merriman

    An artist with green... amber, yellow, and cerise fingers!
    Paul Barratt, Director and Curator at Contemporary and Country by Paul Barratt
    Studio visit: Elizabeth Merriman
    In December 2021, before the spectre of another Christmas lockdown raised its potential, Paul and I managed to follow through on a number of long overdue studio visits. Among these was a quick visit to the North Norfolk coast to see a capsual collection of artist Elizabeth Merriman's recent pastel drawings of garden flowers adorning the ground floor of a clifftop cottage overlooking the North Sea.
  • Still Lives Revealing a Deeper Meaning

    The paintings of Joceline Wickham
    Paul Vater, Director of Contemporary and Country by Paul Vater
    By Joceline Wickham
    By Joceline Wickham
    Still life, nature morte: the image of a fruit just before it tips to rot, roses plucked at the height of their blossoming. The refrain “still life” gradually acquires another meaning — “not yet, still here". Take a look at these paintings by Joceline Wickham - Norwich based artist.