John Kiki

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  • Gallery visit: The Infanta Paintings

    John Kiki at The Yare Gallery, Great Yarmouth
    Paul Vater, Director of Contemporary and Country by Paul Vater
    Courtesy of the artist and The Yare Gallery
    Courtesy of the artist and The Yare Gallery
    We recently attended the opening of an exhibition featuring more than fifty paintings of John Kiki's series of Infanta Paintings. The installation confirms Kiki's status as one of the country's great colourists. The brilliant natural light of the new Yare Gallery show this dazzling variety of canvases based on a common theme to their best advantage. Contemporary and Country are exhibiting a number of John Kiki's small-scale paintings consigned from a private collection in our pop-up exhibition in the Stables Houghton Hall until September 26. The Yare Gallery exhibition is on until November 5.