Christopher Marvell

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  • Paul Vater by Paul Vater
    Sculptural Collection 2020
    There are a number of local sculptors we are showcasing in our online showroom. Each artist has chosen a medium through which to express their particular point of view. From stone, forged iron, steel and aluminium to wood, textiles, glass and lead.

  • Animal Instincts

    The sculptural mastery of Christopher Marvell
    Paul Vater by Paul Vater
    Animal Instincts
    Christopher Marvell's works impose themselves as seemingly blunt facts, but on deeper reflection they initiate a subtle dialogue that cajoles us to contemplate not only the relationship between human and animal, but also between the human/animal archetype and the human/animal condition itself. We are showcasing his sculpture and drawings in our pop-up exhibition in the stables at Houghton Hall until 29 September 2019.