Inviting the next generation in

King's Oak Primary School Visit
19 October, 2023
Inviting the next generation in
Arriving at 10am they entered the two spaces to view the work. As they began they were asked, by their lead teacher Rebecca along with newly appointed Learning and Engagement Officer, Jane Hamilton, to  simply walk calmly through the galleries and look at the exhibits.



Pipe-cleaners were used to create mini-versions of Rachael Long's Dog


Which of the artworks were they were drawn to? – Each pupil was encouraged to pick their favourite work and record what they saw and importantly what they felt about the works they were viewing.


The sketch books came out and pencils took to paper and and in some cases pipe-cleaners enabled some to create mini-sculptures, to make a lasting memory of their visit. All their sketch books and mini-scultpures are now on their way back to school to complete their projects.



As you will see, some of the observations made during their visits were very accomplished. They seemed full of the spirit of the art that we hope encourages them to enjoy and may lead some to an artistic appreciation or even have a dream of becoming an artist or a creative person themselves.
The children were informed during their stay with us that recent work they have been working on in school - on self-portraits - would be coming into the Shakespeare Barn in the future to be shown in a very special exhibition.


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Paul Vater, Director of Contemporary and Country

Paul Vater

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