Roger Hardy

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  • Spotlight: Roger Hardy

    Humanity embodied in form by sculptor Roger Hardy
    Paul Vater by Paul Vater
    Spotlight: Roger Hardy
    As Suffolk-based sculptor Roger Hardy says "As individuals we have a great desire to project our own humanity and emotions onto the most primitive human form". This is certainly true of Roger's many sculptures now available as part of our Anglian Collection.
  • Paul Vater by Paul Vater
    Deep and lasting connections
    Our latest e-newsletter presents more about some of the artists we are showcasing in our online showroom. Colin Self is born and bred in Norfolk while painter and printer Peter Wylie was born in Lowestoft and continues his fascination with the Suffolk landscape and the North Sea. Katargyna Coleman and Roger Hardy moved from London to Norfolk and Suffolk respectively. All find ways of articulating a sense of belonging and have uncovered and maintained a deep connections with our region.

  • Paul Vater by Paul Vater
    Sculptural Collection 2020
    There are a number of local sculptors we are showcasing in our online showroom. Each artist has chosen a medium through which to express their particular point of view. From stone, forged iron, steel and aluminium to wood, textiles, glass and lead.